Recipe Roundup – fermented foods

Fermenting is so much fun, and actually quite easy to do! And it’s SO GOOD for your gut health! Give it a try, your body will thank you for it!

Enjoy x

Recipe Roundup – Lentils

A cupboard staple that’s easy to cook with, full of protein, and adds tons of goodness to your plate – the humble lentils are amazing in whatever colour you choose.

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Enjoy x

Christmas recipe roundup

It’s almost Christmas, so let’s get all the lovely christmassy recipes into one place! Here’s some inspiration for a meat free christmas dinner and so much more.

Recipe Roundup – Beans

A cupboard staple that’s just so handy to cook with, for a quick satisfying meal or even, yes, cake… we’ve got them all, great recipes for beans of different sorts coming up below!

Enjoy x

Recipe Roundup – Celeriac

This knobbly ugly root vegetable is seriously underrated, and I think people sometimes struggle finding ways to use it – well look no further, here are some recipes using celeriac!

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I hope I’ve been able to inspire you to give celeriac a go, it’s so good for you and tastes great. Enjoy x

Recipe Roundup – Beetroot

Deep red and full of goodness – the super versatile beetroot is amazing! Eat it raw, steamed, roasted… or make a brownie with it!

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Halloween recipe roundup

Here’s some spooky recipe ideas for Halloween!

Recipe Roundup – pumpkins

Autumn is well and truly upon us, and it’s my favourite season. Pumpkins are a firm favourite here, and so versatile.

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Enjoy x

Recipe Roundup – Soups

What’s better on a rainy day than a hearty bowl of soup? Not much!

Here’s a roundup of delicious homemade soups. Perfect for freezing for an easy mid week lunch too! Click on the bold text to go straight to the recipe.

enjoy x

Recipe Roundup – Apples

An Apple a day… you all know it. Apart from being absolutely delicious, they’re also very versatile! Cake or Salad, anything goes!

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