Recipe Roundup – Carrots

A super versatile staple veg in any household – and no matter if you turn the humble carrot into something sweet or savoury, soup or salad – it’s always gorgeous!

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Enjoy x

Recipe Roundup – Soups

What’s better on a rainy day than a hearty bowl of soup? Not much!

Here’s a roundup of delicious homemade soups. Perfect for freezing for an easy mid week lunch too! Click on the bold text to go straight to the recipe.

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Recipe Roundup – Apples

An Apple a day… you all know it. Apart from being absolutely delicious, they’re also very versatile! Cake or Salad, anything goes!

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Recipe Roundup – Potatoes

The humble spud. A firm favourite in every household in Ireland, I would say!

Here’s some new recipes to try – just click on the bold part to go straight to the recipe!

Happy cooking! x

Recipe Roundup – Tomatoes

Our farm grown cherry tomatoes are stunning – once you’ve tasted them you’ll understand, they are unreal. Here’s a roundup of a few ways to use these – we’re harvesting tons of them at the moment, so why not get a few more in your order and help us out of our tomato glut!

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Of course you can also just add tomatoes to any salad, or eat them straight from the bag. Delicious. Enjoy!

Recipe roundup – Broccoli

Coming in fresh from our fields right now, broccoli is a powerhouse of nutritional value and it just tastes fantastic.

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enjoy x

Recipe Roundup – Courgettes

Courgette season is in full swing and we are harvesting these dark green beauties both from the tunnels and from the fields. Fantastic in savoury dishes, of course, but did you ever bake a courgette cake?

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Enjoy x

Press roundup

We launched the “Save Our Summer” campaign recently, to highlight the difficulties we and our fellow organic vegetable growers face this summer – below is a list of articles where you can find out more.

As ever, thank you SO MUCH for your support each week – and don’t forget, if you’re going on holidays within Ireland, just get your box delivered to the holiday address!

  • Irish Independent: How this ex chemist turned his 28ac family farm into a nationwide vegetable box business
  • Irish Examiner: Galway growers issue a ‘save our summer’ plea for consumers to support local

We will update this post with more articles as they are published.

Fruity Recipe Roundup

It’s summer, and summer is time for all sorts of fruits. Peaches, strawberries, watermelon… Fresh, organic and taste like sunshine.

Here’s a few ideas for new fruity recipes, from breakfast to snacks to tasty salads. Click on the bold below to go directly to the recipe.

Recipe Roundup – Barbecue

Summer’s here, and it’s time for some outdoor cooking! Throwing veg on the barbecue is easy, fun and healthy.

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Happy Summer and enjoy x