Thoughts on Biodiversity

It struck me today as I took the chance to get out of the office for a while, that there is a very real tangible benefit to doing business and farming in the way we and other organic farms do it.

There is pressure too as we don’t have the reliance on an armory of chemicals to cut the work to the minimum and to ease the pressure when there is a risk of disease.

But the pluses definitely outweigh the negatives, It is definitely worth it, 100%.  It is worth it when you take a walk around and you absorb the diversity we have here in abundance, and not just biodiversity we have diversity of people and plants, and animals and insects and even in you our customers that we have the privilege of being able to connect with directly we have diversity. Often marketers ask us who our customer is, and it is so difficult to define because people from all walks of life choose to support us.

But the biodiversity is the one thing that without fail always reminds me of the importance of changing the way we produce our food, and I guess the poster child for biodiversity is the bee. I don’t think I can count the number of different bumble bees I have seen in the last week.  They seem to come in all shapes and sizes and they just make me feel happy! But not only that they of course have a very real role as pollinators and without the bee we would be lacking for so much.

So, and it seems like deja vu, as we do this every year, so here we go again! I hope if everything goes according to plan by the time you have read this then we will have planted nearly 3 acres of wild flowers and clover. We do this to enhance the structure of the soil and to add nutrients too. But the most amazing benefit will be felt later on in the year when the color and the flowers and bees come in their thousands and for that I cant wait. A real gift of nature, but as with many things it is fleeting, but to be enjoyed while it lasts.

I also hope by the time you read this that we will have successfully sown our first parsnip, carrots and beetroot crops, that of course is by no means guaranteed as the weather the machinery tend to take on a life of their own. But what will be, will be, they do say you need to cultivate (and that was definitely not an intentional pun!) patience to do this job, and they are right.

I will of course keep you posted of our progress, and in that respect the farm team are making loads. The tomato plants look amazing, and there are flowers blooming on all the plants (over 1100) we also have fantastic harvesting going on for you over the coming days. The spinach, chard, lettuce and salad, coming from our own farm.  We are also receiving gorgeous rocket from Millhouse organic farm, and fresh herbs from Joe Kelly, amongst all the other usual Irish staples.  

We have this year put in place formal agreements with a number of small and not so small Irish organic growers as we came to two realisations.

  1. We simply cannot do it all ourselves, we have tried.
  2. This allows the creation of an amazing network of support for other small Irish organic farms. As this season rolls on watch this space for all the amazing Irish produce we will be growing receiving and delivering.

So, thank you, without you and you need to really understand that we really mean ‘without you’, we would not be here, the bees would not be here. You are making this possible, and you are getting the very best cleanest freshest organic food on the planet delivered to your door to boot!

So, thank you from all of us here.


PS Watch out for the signed note of who packed your order in all your boxes, you may not meet the guys who walk around our warehouse carefully putting your orders together but now at least you get to put a name to the person who does.

PPS So don’t forget to place your order, and if you are a courier customer, watch out for our amazing new FSC (Forest Stewardship approved) courier boxes, only ever packed with shredded waste cardboard! Also remember delivery is still FREE when you spend over €100.