Corporate Rewards

Reward your Staff, Customers & Clients

Start a corporate rewards program with us – a simple way to show clients, customers, and employees your appreciation while supporting sustainable, organic, Irish vegetable farmers.

Give the Gift of Health & Sustainability

Are you part of an organisation who rewards their employees regularly? Would you like a healthy and sustainable option? We can help. We can provide vouchers and coupon codes specific to your organisation. Contact us to see how we can deliver organic, plastic free fruit, vegetables and groceries to your employees and clients all over Ireland. Email to discuss what we can do for you.

We can also organise tours of our farm as part of the package. Kenneth gives a two hour walking tour of the farm here in Galway with an interactive talk on food, sustainability, our health and the health of the planet. Get in touch to see how we can enhance your green credentials and your employee happiness.

Who We Are

We are an organic vegetable farm in Galway with a nationwide delivery scheme. What we don’t grow ourselves, we source firstly from other organic, Irish farms, then fill the gaps with organic produce from as close to home as possible. We never use airfreight. Sustainability is at the heart of our business, here are our 5 pledges for the planet:

1. Always Organic

We promise to only grow and supply organic, sustainable ingredients and products. This means we will produce food in a way that works with the environment and wildlife, not against it.

2. Plastic Free

Wherever possible, we promise to use plastic free packaging. We pack produce loose or use paper, card or compostable bags. We also have a growing plastic free grocery section.

3. Locally Sourced

We promise to bring you Irish produce wherever possible. To keep your kitchens well stocked we will also source organic produce from as close to home as possible. We promise to never use air-freight.

4. Speak Up

We promise to never stay silent about important environmental issues because the damage we are doing to our only home is real. We will create helpful, informative content to discuss what we can all do to change and we promise to pull no punches when it comes to saying it how it really is.

5. Carbon Neutral

We promise to use renewable energy on the farm and in other areas of our business wherever possible. We have solar electricity on our packing shed and have planted over 7000 trees on our farm to offset other energy uses.