Back to Basics – Vegan Swaps

These days it is easier than ever to make plant based swaps. Here’s a quick summary of simple switches to help you on your Veganuary journey. We stock the best organic groceries in our vegan section to make it easy for you.

MILK is one of the easiest switches to make. There are lots of delicious options out there. Our favourite is oat milk as it has a fairly neutral but gorgeously creamy flavour and texture. It also happens to be the most environmentally friendly option.

BUTTER is easy to switch too. We have a few organic options which (unlike most dairy free spreads) do not contain palm oil. A couple of soft, spreadable ones, Cocovit and Natruli, and the most amazing Naturli Butter Blocks.

CHEESE is a little trickier but not impossible. Dairy cheeses contain casein, an addictive property which makes cheese very hard to give up. But there are more and more delicious vegan cheeses on the market and we are proud to stock some of the best in the world. Have a look at our range here. We also stock nutritional yeast flakes which are tangy, salty and delicious! sprinkle them over pasta like parmesan or over popcorn, or stir into a vegan béchamel sauce for that essential cheesy favour.

EGGS are tricky, but not altogether impossible, to replace if you want them boiled, poached or fried. But scrambled silken tofu is surprisingly similar to soft scrambled eggs. It’s all in the seasoning. Replacing eggs in baking is easy. Follow tried and tested vegan cake and pancake recipes on our blog. Sometimes eggs are simply replaced with raising agents and plant milks, sometimes they are replaced with mashed bananas, apple sauce, milled chia or linseeds. Egg whites can be replaced with aquafaba, the liquid from a tin of chickpeas.

MEATS won’t be missed if you make sure your meals are well balanced with proteins and fats from beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. Meat isn’t missed at all if you cook traditional meat free recipes of course, but we all crave the food we have grown up eating. So replace mince with green or brown lentils and crumbled walnuts to make your bolognese saucesshepherds pieschillies etc – it’s all in the seasoning. Replace diced meat in stews and curries with beans and chickpeas or diced tofu. For pulled pork try replicate the texture with jackfruit, pulled mushrooms or aubergines. If you’re craving a steak, try a juicy vegetable steak made from a thick slice of cauliflower or celeriac or a couple of big, roasted, meaty portobello mushrooms. For roasts, burgers and sausages try making nut loaf or beetloaf and shaping it to your needs. For fish try firm tofu, score it thinly and marinade in lemon juice and seasoning, wrap with some nori seaweed, dip in batter or breadcrumbs and fry or bake.