Save Our Summer

What a week, the gruelling physical draining farm work starts at 6am every day.  The intense heat and sunshine have taken its toll on the farm team, but they have weathered it with their familiar good nature and cheer and have done exceptional work. I had the sense this week of things coming together of the work being caught up, of shape starting to be put on the fields.

The little plants are starting to show their heads and with the help of some monsoon type downpours and intense heat there has been an explosion of growth. The shift in the climate is so clear to see, yes of course we have had warm weather in years gone by, but every year since 2018 now we have had consistent weeks of heat and near if not full drought conditions. It is the regularity of change and the extremes of the change, that are so noticeable, climate change rages on.

We are teetering on the cusp now, the real start of the Irish vegetable season is nearly upon us. This week we have caught a glimpse of what it will look like by early July, a literal explosion of amazing Irish produce.

There is so much going on right now, planting, thousands of plants went into the ground this week, broccoli, kale, cabbage, celeriac, lettuce and celery.  Weeding, sowing, side shooting, watering, surviving, thriving, planting, and yes more weeding!

We are harvesting loads of lettuce and salad. We are receiving fresh Irish scallions from Enda in Galway, Spinach and Kale from Padraigh and Una in Beechlawn organic farm, herbs and kale from Joe Kelly in Mayo, Salad and herbs from Audrey and Mick in Millhouse organic farm, very excited about the first Irish organic strawberries from Niall Whelan in Thrive farm in Wicklow. In a couple of weeks, we will be overflowing with the most amazing produce from our farm, including our own tomatoes and amazing cucumbers and other farms across Ireland. Can’t wait for the first new potatoes second week of July, from Donald and Cameron Tracy in Kildare.

It was with much trepidation that we planned our cropping schedule for this summer, after the last four years it has been a game of Russian roulette not knowing what to expect especially at this time of seasonal plenty.

So it is that we are also on the cusp of the full-on holiday season and it is a source of eternal concern that the produce we and others have worked so hard for all year will not have a market.

Usually, these Friday posts are personal views, or stories that demonstrate the values we hold dear here, but this week it is a call out.

So it is that we are launching an official “Save Our Summer” campaign to help keep our farm and all the other farms we source produce from flowing over the tough summer months.  So please support us, we have put in place a couple of things to help you to do that.

For new customers there is a 20% discount on your first order, visit our homepage for details.

For all our loyal weekly customers we have doubled reward points on all once off purchases.  If you set up a repeat order (which you can modify or pause or stop at any time) we are giving you five times the points on every purchase. The “carrot” or reward points can be redeemed for money off on an ongoing basis and we will keep this in place until the end of August.

We also offer Free delivery for over €100 and of course we deliver to every county in Ireland with our sustainable boxes and packaging, mostly plastic free.

So, if you can order or tell a friend or spread the word it will make a massive difference to us. The supermarkets don’t care and won’t miss you, but we certainly will.

As always thank you from all here for your support and as always we would love to hear your thoughts and comments.


P.S. To place your order, click here – every single order makes a big difference to us, and our network of organic farms around Ireland. THANK YOU for your support.