Fighting Food Waste Recipe roundup

Food waste is such a huge issue, so much food gets wasted, a lot of it could still be used and feed us rather than end up in the compost bin. Food is too precious to let it go to waste, isn’t it? The EPA (environmental protection agency) estimates that Ireland generated 770,300 tonnes (t) of food waste in 2020.

So what can you do to reduce food waste in your house? Store fruit and veg correctly, for starters. And when cooking, make sure to check out the below recipes for using up things like overripe bananas and stale bread. Love food, hate waste.

  • Spicy and so good for you, this zero waste kimchi is amazing.
  • Got an air fryer? These croutons made from stale bread dress up any salad.
  • We all love our spuds. Use the peels to make delicious potato peel crisps as a snack!
  • A hearty and healthy soup that uses up all sorts of odds and ends from the fridge: ribollita
  • Overripe bananas deserve to be eaten too! in muffins, that shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Or the obvious choice, make chocolate chunk banana bread! Delicious.
  • Bagged salads are one of the most wasted food items. Don’t waste it, make pesto instead!
  • If you’ve never made your own oat milk, this is a real treat. Oh and make cookies with the pulp. Perfection!
  • A sweet bake perfect for those wrinkly soft apples: low waste apple cake.

And finally, check out our top 5 food waste tips.