FAST FAKEAWAYS – Roasted Vegetables with Satay Sauce

If you’re a fan of peanut butter you’ll LOVE satay sauce. Try our organic jars of this intense, delicious, savoury sauce alongside your next BBQ. This south-east Asian dip is traditionally served with seasoned skewers of meat or vegetables cooked over coals, a squeeze of lime and a fresh, green salad. But for ease (and because it’s been too chilly and windy for a BBQ outside our house) I just roasted a large tray of veg this time. The combination of caramelised char, juicy interiors and the savoury, moreish dip is just irresistible. It’s so quick and simple to put together this way too. Perfect for that Friday night fakeaway! Make it a heartier meal with some rice or flatbreads.

Liz x


  • vegetables of your choice for roasting (some firm tofu or tempeh would be a great addition too) – cut into a large dice
  • sesame oil & soy sauce (a generous drizzle of each to marinade and cook the vegetables in)
  • satay sauce (1 jar is plenty for 4-6 people)
  • salad, limes and fresh chilli to serve
  • optional rice or flatbreads to serve to make it a heartier meal


Preheat your oven to 200C (or fire up your grill/BBQ).

Cut vegetables of your choice into a large dice and drizzle them with sesame oil and soy sauce to season them. Mix well with your hands to evenly coat them in the simple marinade. Then spread on a large roasting tray (or push onto skewers to BBQ).

Roast (or BBQ the skewers) until the vegetables are cooked through with some delicious charred edges.

Meanwhile cook rice or warm up some flatbreads and prepare the satay sauce. Simply empty the jar into a small pan and heat it up with enough water to loosen it into a sauce.

Serve in bowls or on plates with sliced fresh, red chillies, wedges of lime and a crisp, green salad. Dunk, and scoop up the sauce with the vegetables and flatbreads/rice. Squeeze zingy lime over everything as you go. And enjoy!