Earth Day 2022

The theme for Earth Day this year is ‘Invest in our Planet’ and we couldn’t be more on board with this. Money talks (unfortunately) so the incentive to make the changes necessary to combat climate change must be shown to be a good investment. It is, of course, mind-boggling to think that big corporations and governments will only take action if it benefits the bottom line, but here we are.

Luckily for all of us and for future generations, it is clear that a green future is a prosperous future. More and more investors are seeing the wisdom of investing in green business/technology. Although we live in an era of conspiracy theories and see so much misinformation being shared online, hopefully we can get people on board by showing them that a better world can be made even if they don’t ‘believe in’ climate change. This brilliant cartoon by Joel Pitt has been burned into my brain since the first time I saw it.

How are we Investing in the Planet?

We are in an incredibly fortunate situation where we can take out a bank loan and invest in more solar panels on the roof of our packing shed. We are keen to only use renewable energy and be a carbon neutral business. This investment in the future of our little green business will definitely pay off in the long term.

Another simple but effective way to invest in our planet is to plant trees. We have planted over 7000 so far on our farm and now that we have run out of space we will be donating a portion of our sales to a local tree planting charity. More to come on this once it has been organised. These are investments we are happy to make for the future health of our planet and all its inhabitants. Other ways we invest in our planet are by using compostable packaging, electric delivery vans and of course by farming organically.

How can you Invest in the Planet?

You are investing in our planet every time you choose to buy plastic free, organic fruit and veg and sustainably sourced groceries from us so thank you! Times are tough financially for everyone right now, so choosing to put your hard earned cash towards a greener choice is massively appreciated. We should all be working together towards a greener future – businesses, governments and citizens – so please write to your local authority or TD and ask for positive, environmental change in your area. Write to your favourite brands and businesses and ask for positive change. Could they use more sustainable packaging? Could they source products or ingredients from closer to home? Get together with your community to do litter picks, beach cleans, walk to school schemes, car shares etc. Tell us your ideas for investing in the planet in the comments below or over on our community facebook group. We would love to hear them.